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Fighting COVID-19 with EM1

The new coronavirus that first occurred in Wuhan, China has become a global pandemic, and humankind is now entering the equivalent of World War III. To put it simply, the world is panicking in the face of the harsh reality that conventional medical technology is completely defeated by the new coronavirus. This has even led to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Common sense preventative measures include the use of masks, thorough washing of hands, and maintaining a safe distance to avoid viral splashes, etc., and eating and living in way to improve immunity; this is the first way. The second way involves medical measures using vaccines and medications, but this type of virus is difficult to deal with, leading to a worst-case scenario like the present pandemic.

The remaining third way is to improve the microbiome of the human body and the environment with good microorganisms, improve the antioxidant power of the environment and living organisms, thus creating a lifestyle that revives all fields, including the natural world, as well as enhances immunity.

That is, in order to improve healthy life, useful microorganisms are utilized, the quality of the environment and foods is improved, and microorganisms desirable for health are converted into foods and become part of daily life.

To give the conclusion first, we need to utilize EM (Effective Microorganisms) and focus on maintaining an EM-centered lifestyle.

EM has been used over the past forty years in primary industries and as measures against environmental pollution, and its safety has been confirmed worldwide. In the United States, Germany, Indonesia, etc., ProEM・1 is manufactured as a probiotic drink for human consumption, and is available to anyone through Amazon and many other online shopping sites.

Furthermore, EM is sold worldwide and is available everywhere. The EM may be activated and increased and used freely, in which case its use is the responsibility of the user, and the manufacturer is not responsible for its effects. That is, in order to assure safety, an activated solution needs to be prepared according to the manual and be at a pH of 3.5 or less.

Needless to say, at a pH level below 3.5, many viruses are inactivated within seconds and at the same time, harmful microorganisms cannot grow. For general specific use, refer to the Dr. Higa’s Living a Dream Vol. 147.

In the article #4 of this series (February 25, 2009), I discussed EM’s response to the avian influenza pandemic; this began with started with circumstantial evidence, and the results have been surprising.

After that, article #27 addressed foot-and mouth disease in Miyazaki (May 2010), in #37 we discussed the use of EM for foot-and-mouth disease in Korea (January 2011); #69 discussed measures and prevention of avian influenza (H7N9) utilizing EM (April 2013), in #77 the antiviral effects of EM (December 2013) and the antiviral effects of EM Part 2 in article #89 (December 2014) were presented at the Japanese Society for Virology and no objection was raised regarding these results.

Again, the background, purpose, results and discussion are as follows.

Swine fever (porcine cholera), which became pandemic in China last year, was also a virus. It has been reported that livestock farms in China properly using EM did not become infected at all even if outbreaks occurred in the neighborhood. EM has an inhibitory effect on various viruses.

Those who have read this far may wonder why such a good thing is not used more widely, but the answer is simple. Even a layperson can understand that increasing the population of microorganisms that are useful for the environment and health can resolve harmful situations. However, in reality, a method to deal with the huge number of cases over many years using EM is impossible within the conventional research system.

Therefore, since there is no expert in the public sector, no matter how much this technology may be a Godsend, it will not be used. That said, all EM technology is open to the public, and even without guidance from specialists it is safe to use, can be used by laypersons at their own risk, and can even be implemented in the lower grades of elementary school. As we experience again another pandemic at present, experts in this area are unlikely to find a third way, but the conclusions have already been reached.

In Dr. Higa’s Living a Dream Vol. 147, I introduced the case of Busan city (photo in this magazine) where EM is being sprayed to control the new coronavirus, and the Seoul Daily (Seoulilbo) also has reported on the use of EM in Gwanak District, Seoul. Many other countries, including Japan, should take serious note of these reports.

Seoul Daily (Seoulilbo) reports that Gwanak District, Seoul, has provided disinfection and disinfection services to households located in the blind spot of the COVID-19 epidemic using effective microorganisms (EM) and alcohol to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. As the Seoul Daily (Seoulilbo) reports, “These epidemic measures are based on the use of alcohol and EM, which is harmless to humans and certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the EPA. It is effective not only in preventing the spread of infectious diseases, but also in controlling pests, removing odors in sewers, and removing mold, and is expected to greatly contribute to creating a comfortable living environment for vulnerable groups living in semiunderground dwellings.” (Source article-Seoul Daily [Seoulilbo]: Gwanak District, Seoul, 200 vulnerable households disinfection support -URL:

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