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Probiotic Agricultural Product

Livestock Application

Effective Microorganisms® has a long history of use in livestock operations. It can be used for odor control, for lagoon and solid waste management (bokashi or compost), and for crops. Virtually every type of animal raised in a commercial farm has been treated with EM at one time or another. There are studies on cattle, hogs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, all sorts of aquatic animals, even turtles, elephants and hippos.

For large commercial operations we sell ready-to-use products that are only available through salespeople or by calling us directly (970-834-1583). These formulations are available for specific operations by animal type: hogs, horses, poultry, dairy, etc. Suggested programs are broken down in the categories above.

Sizes available for these operations are 55-gallon barrel, 275-gallon tote, or via tanker deliver. Please call for rate quotes.

EM-1 Animal Health, Integrated Bio Products

Animal Health

Increase productivity (by improving feed conversion ratio and lowering mortality rates).

Using EM-1 regularly for animal husbandry will improve livestock health, decrease the incidence of diseases and increase productivity. In pig farming, incidence of diarrhea will reduce growth rates and is one of the causes of animal death. Application of EM-1 will adjust the intestinal environment and ameliorate diarrhea as well as improve the efficiency of digestion and increase feed conversion rates (FCR), thereby increasing the productivity.

Improved quality of animal products (meet, milk, eggs).

Spraying EM-1 in barns will improve malodor and adding EM-1 to feed and drinking water will improve animals’ intestinal environment, thereby maintaining livestock health so that they will be less likely to fall ill. As a result, quality of fat will improve, there is no distinctive meat smell, products will stay fresh for longer periods and the taste and quality of animal products will improve. Also, it is possible to reduce usage of vaccines and antibiotics, thus supporting safer production of animal products from the standpoint of both producers and consumers.

EM-1 Animal Health, Integrated Bio Products
EM-1 Animal Health, Integrated Bio Products

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry almost always involves odors and increased prevalence of flies due to the occurrence of decomposition processes.  In conjunction with increased ammonia emissions, this can develop into odor problems and infestation.  the use  of effective microorganism technology in animal feed, the enclosure and agricultural fertilizer can prevent these decomposition processes before they occur.  the climate in the enclosure is better and fly infestations and odors are noticeably reduced.

EM-1 Animal Husbandry, Integrated Bio Products

Cleaning & Hygiene

Initial cleaning and regular bedding treatment results in colonisation by positive microorganisms, which prevent bad smells, fly infestation and decomposition.

Manure is sprayed regularly. Its use binds nitrogen in the ground, while the combined use of charcoal and EM technology builds up permanent humus in the ground

EM-1 Animal Hygiene, Integrated Bio Products
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