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Bio Stimulation Product

Farming Application

Effective Microorganisms® has been used in agricultural applications since 1982. Farmers have documented vast benefits of EM-1® on 6 continents, demonstrating that EM-1® Microbial Inoculant works in all soil types, all farming systems and all climates on Earth. Today, EM-1® organic soil amendments are used in over 120 countries in all sorts of farming systems from row crops to orchards to composting to aquaculture to solid and liquid waste management. Whether conventional, organic or sustainable, any farming method can benefit from using EM-1® to improve the efficiency of their operation. EM-1® Microbial Inoculant is approved for use without restrictions on Certified Organic operations (OMRI Listed).

EM-1 Bio Stimulation Products, Farming, Integrated Bio Products

Healthy soil grows healthy plants and healthy plants grow better crops with more nutrients and longer shelf lives. EM-1® is a safe and effective solution for improving soil structure and supporting plant health. The beneficial microorganisms in EM-1® break down compost into rich food for the plants which helps them to grow stronger and resist diseases and pests better. Plants will absorb more nutrients and this in turn will produce a better crop.


Conventional farmers can use EM-1® organic soil amendments for Agriculture as well as long as they do not mix the EM-1® directly into the synthetic agriculture fertilizers before diluting with water. If maintained in separate tanks and injected with water through an irrigation system or in a sprayer tank, there will not be problems. Do not apply EM-1® at the same time as pesticides as most of them kill the good microbes in EM-1® almost instantly.

EM-1® produces high levels of polysaccharides, beneficial enzymes, and organic acids that help build stable aggregate and soil structure. EM-1® increases aggregate stability and prevents the pore spaces between the aggregates from collapsing during heavy, saturating rains, thus reducing compaction caused by machinery. Furthermore, improved soil aggregate stability reduces soil erosion and run-off. Soils are better able to absorb and retain moisture, as well as cycle nutrients. EM-1® contains food grade ingredients and is manufactured at EMRO USA’s food-grade facility in Tucson, Arizona.

EM-1 Bio Stimulation Products, Farming, Integrated Bio Products
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