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Spraying of Ag1000 ® Organic will eliminate odor almost instantly. The rates at which Ag1000® Organic is applied will determine how long the effects will last. If odors haven't been eliminated at first, reapply at a greater rate and/or more often to establish beneficial microbial populations.

Dairy Cattle Foot Baths:

Apply 1 ounce Ag1000 ® Organic per gallon of water in foot bath. Do not use copper sulfate as this will kill the beneficial microbes in Ag1000® Organic.

Methods for Barns, Sheds, Loafing Area Odor Control:

  • Spray Ag1000® Organic on all surfaces (floors, walls, and ceiling). The bedding area and all manure should be sprayed.

  • Applications should be done at least 3 times per week. For a guideline, apply about 1 quart of Ag1000® Organic diluted with 50 parts water per square yard of the barn.

  • If misting/fogging systems are in place, inject Ag1000® Organic at a rate of 1:1000 on a continuous basis.


Methods for Milking Parlor: 

  • Application rates will be to maintain beneficial microbial balance (1:1000) and should be done with every wash down.

  • The effluent will be pre-treated with Ag1000® Organic, preventing odor production and assist in waste treatment and manure odor control.

Composting Manure:

  • Inoculate fresh manure with 2 gallons Ag1000® Organic per ton of manure.

  • Follow standard composting methods of turning and heat, turning roughly 18-20 times with a turner (not a bucket loader) over the course of 40-45 days.

  • Compost will be mature and stable, ready for planting at 45 days, no curing is needed.

  • Spread compost on fields at rate of 5 tons per acre or sell as compost.

  • Methods for Applications on Pasture:

  • Apply Ag1000® Organic by spraying at a rate of 5 gallons per acre per application 4-5 times a year.

  • Areas that have high humidity only need to apply 4 times per year as the microbes tend to do well in that type of environment. Areas of low humidity should apply at 5 times per year.

Cleaning Animals:

Periodically wash the animals with a solution of Ag1000 ® Organic at one ounce per gallon of water (1:128). This is good for the animals' hides and skin. This will also help loosen any dirt that is stuck to their fur.

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