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Field Crops

Healthy soil grows healthy plants and healthy plants grow better crops with more nutrients and longer shelf lives. EM•1® is a safe and effective solution for improving soil structure and supporting plant health. The beneficial microorganisms in EM•1® break down compost into rich food for the plants which helps them to grow stronger and resist diseases and pests better. Plants will absorb more nutrients and this in turn will produce a better crop.


EM•1® can be applied easily through any irrigation system for soil applications or spray systems for foliar treatments. EM•1® helps to make incredible composts, mulches, and a variety of customer-brewed soil amendments with EM•1®, bokashi, etc.*


Mazzei® injector and how it can be set up in line for an irrigation system. A unit like the one in the video only costs about $35, much cheaper than an electronic injector. They came in various sizes. Simply select the one that best fits your needs.

Add EM•1® to irrigation water at a rate of 5 gallons of EM•1® per acre. This can be done 4-8 times a year depending on climate. Dry or cold climates require more frequent treatments. If you do not irrigate, EM•1® can be drilled into soil at a 3-6 inch depth and a rate of 5 gallons per acre. If soil organic matter is below 1% additional molasses may be added to the EM•1® application at a rate of 1/2 gal. molasses per 1 gallon of EM•1®. The molasses will help accelerate the production of stable organic matter colloidal particles (humus).


*EM•1® can be used as a starter and multiplied into 22 times its original volume. We call this process "activation". Application rates can be interchangeable between EM•1® and Activated EM•1®.

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