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Soil Enrichment Product

Soil Microbes Improve Soil Quality

EM-1® Microbial Inoculant accelerates the soil building process and promotes beneficial soil microbe communities. The soil building process revolves around soil aggregate formation. Soil aggregates form as mineral and decomposed organic matter particles are bound together by soil organism secretions that act as glues. Stable and well-formed soil aggregate is the key to overall soil function. Increased aggregate stability prevents the pore spaces between the aggregates from collapsing during heavy, saturating rains and reduces compaction caused by machinery. Furthermore, improved soil aggregate stability reduces soil erosion and run-off.

EM-1 Bio Soil Enrichment Products, Soil Quality, Integrated Bio Products

Soils are better able to absorb and retain moisture, as well as cycle nutrients. It is important to build up the organic matter content in your soil. EM-1® lives on the organic matter and clay particles in your soil. To improve soil conditions and accelerate the conversion of plant residue to stable humus, spray all plant residue with EM-1®.

Soil Conditioning

Use of EM products help microorganisms become active and diverse in the soil. This results in enriching the land-ecosystem and increasing earthworms. EM products together with organic matter accelerates decomposition of hummus, thus softening the soil. This improves water and nutrient retention.

Replant failure

EM products diversifies micro biomes in the soil. This inhibits the increase in specific microorganisms including pathogens, thereby reducing the risk of replant failure.

Measures against salt damage

Concurrent use of EM products and added organic matter speeds up decomposition. It improves both the physical and chemical properties of soil, while sharpening its buffering capacity. These measures guard against salt damage in maritime environments.

EM-1 Bio Soil Enrichment Products, Soil Quality, Integrated Bio Products

Increasing harvests

EM products helps plants grow well. This leads to yield increases, longer cultivation periods, and high quality crops. Together, these improvements lead to richer harvests.

Producing crops with added value

It is said that our vegetables contain much less nutritional value compared with those grown fifty years ago. However, EM vegetables have high nutritional value and increased sugar content, which improves their taste and allows them to be preserved longer.

EM-1 Bio Soil Enrichment Products, Crop Yield, Integrated Bio Products
EM-1 Bio Soil Enrichment Products, Organic Farming, Integrated Bio Products
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