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Horses are very inefficient eaters. As such, they produce lots of manure and very strong urine. EM-1® Waste Treatment provides a simple and affordable solution to controlling the odors. You can apply it on floors, walls, ceilings, and even wash the animals with it. Manure can be composted quickly as well and put back into the fields where the horses are grazed. Here are some of the basic applications:

Make Activated EM-1®:
When pH drops below 3.8 and sits for 3-5 days, the AEM•1® is ready to use.

Clean the Barn and Stalls:
Spray & wash all surfaces of the barn with a diluted solution of AEM•1® and water at 1:50, every 7 to 10 days

Add Bedding:
Spray or top-dress AEM•1® onto bedding. The minimum amount of AEM•1® to be used should be at 0.001 gallon per square foot (1 gallon per 1,000 square feet) of barn. This calculated amount should be diluted in just enough water to cover floors adequately.

Total AEM•1® per barn will vary on the size of the barn and the age of the bedding and manure.

Additional Options:
To increase the benefits of the odor control, it would be advisable to ferment the bedding at least two weeks prior to use, essentially making it into EM-1® Bokashi.

Alternatively, you can add bokashi to the bedding as a top dressing.

Composting Manure:
Add 1.5 gallons Activated EM-1® per ton of fresh manure and compost as normal, following normal moisture and turning instructions.

Water Troughs:
Clean the trough thoroughly and fill with fresh water. Add a EM Beverage Stone® and let the water begin to structure. The water will stay cleaner longer and quench the animals' thirst much better.

For further reading, we also suggest a book written by Ernst Hammes: Healthy Horses: Horse Care with Effective Micro-organisms. It is finally available through This book has quite a bit of practical information for the horse owner.

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