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Featured Studies

Browse featured studies to learn about EM product quality, effectiveness and return on investment.

  • Microbes in EM products make the ecosystem richer
    Detritus containing bubbles of carbon dioxide and oxygen etc., which are produced by the activities of microbes, will rise to the surface. Sometimes the rivers look polluted with these floating fragments of detritus. However, this is due to the process of the decomposition of sludge and the purification of the rivers. As detritus breaks down into smaller segments and flows along rivers, creatures which eat it, such as small fish, shrimp, crabs, and shellfish, increase in number. The more fish there are, the more birds will come, leading to greater diversity in the ecosystem. The microbes contained in EM・1 will improve the self-purification ability of rivers by making the ecosystems of which they are a part richer and more vibrant. Agriculture Animal Husbandry Aquaculture Water Treatment Waste Treatment
  • Sick Building Syndrome
    It is becoming clear that applications of EM products can improve the function of materials in the field of construction as well. Experiments have proven that EM products enhances the durability of buildings and reduces the damage caused by organic solvents in paint and adhesives. Experiments have proven that there is a formaldehyde inhibitory effect, which serves as a countermeasure for sick building syndrome. Using EM Products on Construction Sites Mixing EM Materials into concrete has been adopted on various construction sites. Many buildings and houses have been built with EM materials, implemented right from the design phase. In Malaysia, there is an “Eco Town” where EM products has been utilized not only in the concrete, but also in cleaning, tree maintenance, and waste treatment. The precise mechanism that causes EM to produce its beneficial effects is still being researched. However, the owners of EM buildings have reported that there are no distinctive chemical smells in newly-constructed units, mold does not grow easily, and there is high heat-retaining effect. From a mental perspective, they also agree that EM buildings are comfortable to live in. To take advantage of these effects, natural construction materials such as EM Diatomite and EM Plaster have been developed and used in different places.
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